Trendy Accent Nail and Manicure Ideas

Recently, nail art has made a comeback and so has accent nails and manicure. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, and Katy Perry have made the accent nail manicure trendy these days, and it’s starting to pop up everywhere, from fashion runways to red carpets to your daily life. Accent nails are perfect for amateurs to try their hand at nail art.


Accent nail and manicure is a great way to show your creative side without taking things over the top. It can spice up your manicure without too much effort. You can use a complimentary polish color, throw in a splash of shimmer, add some glitter and make your nail a party nail, or maybe design an animal or floral print if you have a steady hand. The possibilities are endless. You can make the design as simple or as complex as you want. The choice is yours, just do what you feel is right. If you still need a little help, here are some ways you can rock this trendy manicure.

  1. Keep Your Accent Nail in a Complementary Color

Your manicure can contain two completely different colors or colors in the same spectrum. It all depends on how eye-catching you want your mani to be. The colors can be black and red, orange and blue, or gray and yellow. It’s all up to you.


  1. Choose a Finger for Your Accent Nail

The ring finger is probably the most popular choice for an accent nail. It always looks so chic and can attract potential suitors. But you could make it your index, middle or pinky finger too if you want. Again, the choice is yours. The index finger is great for making a bold and unique statement, while an accented middle finger can be a bit rebellious. The best thing about the finger accents is that it’s so symmetrical – you have two-finger on each side – so it can make you look a little mysterious and a little rough on the edge. The middle finger can also be sophisticated and classy, depending on the accent you choose.


Just try to avoid making your thumb the accent nail as it is not as visible as your fingers. The whole point of this mani is to show it off, not hide it. If you still want to make your thumb the accent nail, try pairing it up with another finger like your index or ring finger, which can look good with a contrasting color combination.


  1. Go for Standalone Accents

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a full manicure, you can just try your hand at standalone accent nails. It will take a lot less time and look just as chic as a full mani. Here too, there is a lot of personal styles you can showcase. You can choose to keep the accent nails the same on both your hands or you can keep the pattern different but the base color the same. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Use a Bright Pattern to Accent Your Nail

If you don’t want to use an entirely different color for your accent, you can go for a pattern instead. Just take a look at the picture above. All the nails are painted with the same base coat and have the same pattern, but the ring finger has the pattern in a bright red color instead of white, which makes the pattern pop.

  1. Use an Accent Nail and Manicure to Tie Everything Together

Another great option is to go for a pattern on almost all of your nails and use a solid color on your accent nail, which will tie everything together. Accent nails can not only spice up your manicure but also bring your mani theme together. For instance, in the picture above, the solid gold nail beautifully emphasizes and highlights the gold pattern on the rest of the nails.

  1. Use a Different Polish Finish to Accent the Nail

Another way to rock the look is by using a different polish finish to create an accent. In the picture above, a solid, matte color is used on the rest of the nails, while the accent is created by a sparkly polish to create the party nail. You can do this the other way around too and tone down your sparkly polish with a matte accent nail.

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