Shoe Size Chart for Your Online Shopping

Shoe Size Chart

The Internet is a wonderful instrument that can be operated anywhere if you have a good WiFi connection. You are no longer limited to online shopping. Do you prefer to buy the shoes from the comfort of your home? Online shopping not only saves you from the market hustle and bustle but it also offers you better deals. When it comes to buying shoes online, the shoe size chart matters a lot. By simply knowing your exact measurements of your shoes you can easily buy it online and also compare your sizes with the sizes that are listed on the shoe store sizing and measurement chart.

International Shoe Size Comprasion Chart

The shoe sizing chart varies by brand and manufacturer because the shoe size of every brand is not the same. Being able to understand this difference is key to making a perfect shoe buying. Guessing or estimate your exact shoe size will be the main reason for returning your shoe later. So according to me a good rule of thumb is to carefully read over the shoe sizing chart that is provided on the store’s website before your purchasing your shoe. If you feel that you are in-between sizes, then choose the larger shoe size is a safe choice.

Apart from the generic details, let’s discuss some basics about the shoe sizing that would ease your online shopping.

Foot Length

When we talk about the shoe sizing, length comes first. Regardless of it that you are buying the Italian or American shoes, the basic thing is your foot length. How to measure the foot length? Measure the distance from the heel to your longest toe and this is your exact shoe length.

Foot Width

Let’s discuss the width now. Indeed, shoes are normally available in standard, wider or narrow width. Knowing the foot width and the exact method to compare it with your shoe pair is the key to buying the perfect shoe size online. Shoe width is usually defined as the “D” or “EEEE.” The width size is directly proportional to the foot’s length how? Let’s take an example if your foot width is 3 9/16 inches wide and the size is 6, then it is regular width. Varying width options are not offered in children’s shoe sizes it is only offered to the adult.

Tips Regarding Shoe Size Chart

If you feel swells during the day then take your shoe measurements at the end of the day.

While measuring, wear socks that you normally wear with your shoes. If you are not used to wearing the socks with your shows then there is no need to wear it while measuring shoe size.

To conclude, every person’s shoe size is different, that’s why many brands mentioned the exact shoe size measurements at their website to help you in making the right choice. Another tip is to check the various online shoe brands to find the right shoe size. A poorly fitted shoe size increases the chances of discomfort and likewise smaller sized shoes can be very uncomfortable and too big size can make you slip easily.

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